This remarkable love story began with a heartfelt connection and a slow-dance style
courtship, witnessed by the entire nation. Their attraction to one another was
palpable, unfurling chapter by chapter on Australia’s The Bachelor. It is a story that
feels well documented yet is unique to these two souls – and undeniably real.
Fast forward several years later and the luminous Anna and Tim Robards chose one
of the worlds most romantic destinations in which to exchange their vows – this time
surrounded by only closest friends and family.

Against the sublime backdrop of Italy’s south, a magical multi-day celebration
unfolded at Puglia’s Masseria Potenti, surrounded by whitewashed walls and
flowering cactus. With loved ones flying in from the other side of the globe, it offered
the perfect backdrop for many languid, festive days under a Mediterranean sun.
Welcoming guests with relaxed alfresco drinks on arrival, everything about this
wedding invited joy and magic, laid back celebratory vibes and effortless Italian
inspired glamour.

On the day of the wedding, Anna made a breathtaking entrance beneath an arbour
of leafy vines, before joining Tim beneath a featherweight canopy, sheltering them
from the Summer sun. Anna, dressed in a magnificent Steven Khalil beaded gown
and Tim in a white tuxedo jacket, looked at each other as if for the first time. Laugher
and tears and the unmistakable euphoria of that ‘just married’ feeling ensued,
following one very special ceremony.

Cue brass instruments, impromptu dancing and champagne as the day segued
seamlessly into Aperitivo hour and a stunning open-air reception of Southern Italian
dining beneath the night sky.

Joining their awaiting guests in a gorgeous red car, to the sound of dozens of
welcoming tambourines, the tone was set for the festival of love that followed. An
incredible feast under dusky skies and heartfelt speeches that soon slipped into
scenes of dancing with abandon.

A love story and a celebration like no other.