Entrusted with documenting the absolute magic of a wedding day, we always feel privileged
to bear witness to such euphoria, distilling the unique stories of our unique couples into
unique films. Films that are created as transportive cinematic moments, designed to take
you straight back to that day, for years to come. Memories that deserve to be kept safe yet

Imagined as a stunning solution in which to keep your wedding film forever, our Moon &
Back time capsules are a bespoke vessel dusted with cosmic markings, crafted as an elegant
keepsake to house your film, safely saved onto a custom-engraved USB stick.
Designed with the intention to be seen – rather than filed away – these time capsules have
been carefully considered so as not to go missing (down the back of a drawer!) and to feel
befitting of their special contents.

With scent being a potent trigger for memory, your unique film is nested in good company,
inside the capsule, with a bespoke perfumed candle and coaster. Keep both the capsule and
your candle on the mantlepiece or besides your favourite stack of books, as a visual
reminder of the memories housed therein.
Exclusive to Moon & Back couples, our time capsules offer a unique invitation to relive your
wedding celebration with love, often.