With open arms and open hearts, Julia & Hasan graciously welcomed us to join them for a week of celebrations in dreamy Santorini. What an absolute privilege it was to not only capture their stunning wedding, but also get to know this beautiful couple and part with precious memories and cherished new friends.

The morning of the big day begun with time honoured rituals as the groom braved a clean shave by his best man, while the radiant bride adorned the most delicate embroidered gown.

Perched on the cliffside, the couple united in a breathtaking ceremony overlooking crisp white architecture and impossible horizons, as the endless blue ocean blended seamlessly into an expansive sky. Witnessed by their gathering of dear friends and family, the couple sealed their love with a hollywood dip.

Following the ceremony, tour guide Hasan lead the party though winding cobblestone streets to reach their rustic rooftop reception, where in the sun’s last golden rays, the newlyweds share their first dance as husband and wife. Celebrations proceeded in true Greek style with a huge feast, smashing plates and kalimatianos.