On Ocean Grove’s main beach, on New Year’s Eve, Clint started the day off easy with Churros and the gang, surfing and kicking the footy. Everything he wanted it to be. Over at Danyelle’s, the mood was calm and relaxed, until she walked downstairs in that ethereal dress and headpiece. Breathtaking.

And that’s when the excitement kicked in…

Their ceremony took place on the beach, beginning with a private Bedekken, for a pair who couldn’t wait to see each other. Just a few yards away stood their Chuppah, with families and friends basking in the sunshine. A smash of a glass, a passionate kiss and Danyelle and Clint became Mr & Mrs.

A candid and romantic photo shoot followed, then we made our way to At The Heads. The long dining hall was filled with the greatest energy. Family, dancing, support and joy. The love was palpable. The brave souls who danced the Horas lived to tell the tale of a wedding we won’t forget.