Only a few months earlier, we were all together celebrating their engagement. Now it was time for our ‘diamond’ bride Lauren and her rugby hero, James, to get hitched. We touched down on Hamilton Island the morning before. A yacht awaited guests and shipped us all over to the One&Only Resort on Hayman Island.

The big day had finally arrived. It felt like there was something in air. Lauren was popping bottles and James was as cool as a cucumber. Although, nothing could wipe the smile of his face when he saw his best friend walk down the isle to meet him.

And in an intimate ceremony under the sun, they were married.

With the world’s most perfect backdrop, they enjoyed their photo shoot around the resort and on the island, then rejoined their guests for a party in their honour. They shared that special moment, dancing together for the first time as husband and wife, which quickly prompted a dance party for all. They knew it was time to loosen their ties, kick off their heels and make a night to remember.