An absolutely golden day of golden, sparkling moments. Rachel and Jeremy’s simcha celebration was a backyard wedding like you have never seen. Set against the rolling hills of their family’s country estate, this was a celebration of epic proportions.

The morning began in the very best of company, surrounded by their enormous entourage of friends and family. Preparations were filled with laughter, dancing and moments of gratitude, ahead of emotional first glances at the bedeken.

Sprawling across lush green lawns, guests gathered in the garden amphitheatre to witness Rachel & Jeremy’s commitment in a simple but elegant chuppah, before the beautiful couple snuck away to enjoy their first moments of wedded bliss in a photoshoot amidst the picturesque Australian landscape.

The rustic reception was punctuated with bursts of vibrant blooms and potted herbs, surrounding an enormous dance floor that was quickly filled with a lively hora. Fuelled by ecstatic energy, the party raged on into the night, with delirious amounts of dancing and laughter, before finally concluding under a shower of  shimmering fireworks.