A team of chic bridesmaids set the tone for the day with their laughter and dancing antics as fashion blogger, Sanchia Peterson, prepared to take on the runway of a lifetime!

Meanwhile, Warren was looking quite dashing in his classic suit-and-tie combo, with his family and groomsmen near by, all getting excited for the day ahead.

With a few touches of tradition, they tied the knot in a beautiful modern ceremony surrounded by everyone they treasure. Their photoshoot had a cool urban vibe, directed by the great John Warren. (Who needs wind machines when you live in Melbourne! Beyoncé, eat your heart out.)

When they ventured back inside, they took the atmosphere up a notch, starting their reception with some horas – it was an uplifting experience. And while they did the dance floor proud, it was clear to see that the day was one of happiness for all who love them.

Photo courtesy of Warren Photography